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To act and finance consciously, connection with one's own core values and clarity is necessary. Based on almost 20 years of experience (read more here), and translate hundreds of intentions/ideas into actions, we create an ideal scenario. Together we make intuitive choices during a work session and create a structure and overview. The ideal scenario acts as a compass for subsequent actions. 

Through interviewing dozens of wealth holders and sharing best practices from family offices, we recognize the power of stories. Conscious action also involves imparting lessons learned, either within the family for the benefit of future generations (internal communication) or outside the family, serving other families/family offices. In collaboration, we choose the appropriate communication format, ranging from publications, a book, podcasts to online learning environments, to share the insights gained.

Managerial experience and expertise (see about) regarding project management and setting up organizations and initiatives is used to temporarily manage an initiative, program or organization for 6 to 12 months. Ensuring the right DNA with which the initiative/organization is started. Setting up the initiative or organization so that a permanent leader can expand it further. Creating partnerships to create a solid foundation for collaboration. 

We leverage the knowledge and experience gained from organizing countless experiences, ranging from large-scale events for thousands of individuals to intimate gatherings for a single family. To achieve this, we draw insights and principles from various methodologies, including Theory U, Art of Hosting, Social Labs, LSI, and Experience Design. Ansuz designs and orchestrates (multi-day) summits, retreats, learning journeys, training programs, symposia, open spaces, and summer schools, tailoring them to both extensive and intimate experiences for and by families.

In the case of an existing organization with multiple legal structures, we introduce a new, more fitting framework. Through coordination, we decide, for example, whether it is advantageous to align with an existing organization sharing similar values and principles. Alternatively, when necessary, in collaboration with legal experts, we establish a new organization and determine an appropriate legal structure, be it a foundation, a cooperative, or a financial fund. If needed, we conduct selection processes to identify suitable team members. Ansuz diligently leverages its established network to connect with individuals possessing complementary talents, values, and principles.

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