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Founded by Rense Bos after a journey of nearly 20 years, Ansuz was established in response to the growing need for a practice in conscious action and financing. After interviewing numerous wealth holders for his book 'See Impact: At the Intersection of Donating and Investing', the importance of intentional decision-making in both actions and finances became increasingly apparent. After supporting a singe family office, Ansuz is now positioned to share lessons and insights and also support other individuals/families/family offices. Together with Rense's diverse and reliable network of financial, legal, and spiritual specialists, he supports wealth holders in transforming awareness into conscious action and financing. Ansuz serves as a meeting ground for various disciplines, from experts in personal development through practices such as breathwork and nature quests, therapists specializing in family and organizational constellations, to tax professionals and financial asset managers. Throughout his life, Rense has been dedicated to bridging different worlds. During his studies in public administration, he was actively involved in a foundation that engaged young people in philanthropy through then-new technology, social media. He brought together the realms of social entrepreneurship, business, and government in neighborhoods and areas. In recent years, his focus has been on connecting wealth holders with a new conscious financing world in service to a peaceful Earth. In the past few years, working with and after numerous conversations and interviews with wealth holders, several patterns became evident. Firstly, that it always revolves around wealth in a broad sense. It involves empathy, caring for the Earth, and encompasses much more than just financial wealth. Wealth holders began to act and finance differently after their consciousness changed. Sometimes, awareness shifted due to a life event such as the death of a loved one or the birth of a child. Sometimes, consciousness transformed after a spiritual experience. This was very familiar to Rense. After a profound life event where Rense's wife fell ill and suddenly passed away, he underwent his own leap in consciousness. During his journey, he worked with many experts in personal development and consciousness. One of the more tangible results of this journey is the creation of the book 'See Impact: At the Intersection of Donating and Investing' (R. Bos, 2022, Walburg Pers). Within Ansuz, he connects this network of people with elevated consciousness to wealth holders and brings his experience and knowledge: Providing structure: Over the course of 20 years, after establishing various entrepreneurial and energy cooperatives and foundations and working with hundreds of initiatives, Rense knows what it takes to make an initiative successful. What is now called an 'Ideal Scenario' is a methodology to bring clarity and structure. Leading multi-disciplinary teams: From leading a National Initiative for Debt Restructuring to designing a Center for Regenerative Financing, Rense ensures the right DNA in the startup phase and organizes the organization to create a foundation for subsequent steps. Communication is always a crucial part of any initiative or organization. After various publications and hundreds of interviews, Rense is skilled in distilling common threads. He quickly puts people at ease, creating space for the real story. After numerous publications for various governments, he has used this talent to capture the stories of impact investors in the aforementioned book. As a facilitator, Rense has designed and led hundreds of sessions and meetings. He has undergone various specialized training programs, such as experience design, to design impactful experiences.

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Ansuz contributes to a peaceful Earth, drawing upon both internal and external indigenous wisdom, recognizing that each individual carries indigenous wisdom within. We build upon the wisdom of previous generations, taking inspiration from what past generations in the Netherlands have developed, such as Rune symbols. Hence, the name Ansuz, representing the Rune symbol for transformation.

The guiding principles of the Earth Charter, the Inner Development Goals, and the tenets of Regeneration serve as the moral compass for Ansuz.


The mission of Ansuz is to serve as a guide for individuals and families connecting awareness to conscious action and financing. With the growing demand for conscious decision-making and financing, and the transfer of wealth to future generations, Ansuz was founded. According to research, in the United States alone, 84 trillion euros will be transferred to the next generation in the next 20 years.

Ansuz mobilizes and guides this wealth in a broad sense, in service to future generations and a peaceful Earth.

Dry Woods
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